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New PET bottle in SEUL series - 300 ml, 28/410 standard neck!

“SEUL” PET bottle (500 ml) - series 524 got a couple - new SEUL bottle with 300ml capacity was recently added in the family!  

Seul PET bottle“MITRA” with honor and pleasure presents new PET bottle with the capacity of  300ml from 524 SEUL  series . Mild, soft, smooth – this kind of shape in cosmetic packaging completely meets modern requirements of the industry.  The bottles’ design includes wide bottom, making smooth lines steadier on shelves,  and wide space for the label, which is obvious advantage for this kind of packaging . MITRA foresees  it  as very popular bottle for  body - and hair-care. Brilliant PET transparency gives a possibility to show  bright colors and shades of your сcosmetic product. What is more, while coloring PET with transparent colors you can receive soft tone of your cosmetics.  

Standard bottle neck 28/410 gives an opportunity to complete it both with our flip-top caps used for such type of bottle necks and with pumps which definitely expands bottle’s sphere of usage.