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The most wanted luxury thick-walled jar (30 ml) was just added to its bigger “sister” – 50 ml jar from 21M series.

Now we have both of the most popular volumes in this series  - 30 and 50 ml. The jars have acrylic body (glass imitation) but taking into consideration high cost of the raw material and its bad influence on environment we reduced the thickness of the wall and consequently its weight which positively effected on the cost of the jar and plastic consumption. The matt  surface of the cap  (which is different with 50 ml, there we have gloss cap) makes it special among similar products, gives additional charm, underlines its high standard. We can use different ways of decoration of the jar body and cap such as hot stamping and pad printing. The cap itself can be overwrapped with the film with wood imitation artwork. This 30 ml jar consist of body (acrylic), insert (PP), cap (PP)+soft liner in the cap.